Corporate Blog Optimization: Learn the Tips and Tricks!

Corporate Blog Optimization: Learn the Tips and Tricks!

Are you willing to start your corporate blog? Yes, it is a good way to communicate with your clients, build your brand as well as generate sales. You are getting an increasing number of traffic for your blog but that doesn’t mean your blog is successful. Thinking why? The reason is simple. Without brand building and revenue generation, your corporate blog will fall flat. Here are a few ways to optimize it and let it thrive in the web world.

Blog Relevant Posts Only

Post relevant and specific content on your business blog. If you wish to target the marketers who work at ecommerce firms, you cannot just write about e-commerce marketing as a whole. Rather, you have to be specific. Suppose you sell software or tools that allow the marketers to analyze the traffic data, then you should only write posts that allow the marketing professionals at ecommerce companies analyze the data in a flawless manner. Know the steps to identify blog post ideas that help you to get connected to your audience. For ideas, you can also collect the posts that are shared by your competitors on popular social networking sites.

Do Not Always Publish the Best Content on Your Website

Feeling depressed since you are unable to get few thousand visitors to your blog every month? Even if you write an amazing content, only a few people will read and share it on social networking sites. How about posting your best content on another top priority blog? Think it in this way. Blogs such as Forbes, Mashable, The Huffington Post, and others help to bring almost a thousand times more traffic to your blog. If you are successful in your article on those sites, then there’s nothing like it. Indeed guest-posting has become an integral part of marketing, especially content marketing. You may drive in relevant traffic to your site, generate more leads, and also get more readers for your blog by doing this.

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Train All Your Readers to Make the Purchase

You should not ask people to make purchase without building rapport with them. Instead, you should make use of micro commitment to convert your visitors into buyers. Convince your readers to buy. Don’t think that all your readers will be converted into your clients easily. You have to remember one thing: do not make your blog content paid. Below are a few instances of micro-commitments that force them to take action and receive benefits.

  • Instead of offering free e-books to people, request them to provide their emails to read e-books.
  • Do not email free e-books to your users. Send your link via email. In this way you can teach them to ‘click’ and get a benefit. It may make it simpler for you to click on the ‘buy’ button sometime later.
  • Request all your readers to share content from time to time. A smart and small message at the end of the blog post, asking them to tweet all your content, may teach all your readers diverse ways to reciprocate.

You should Always become Consistent

Most bloggers make the mistake of stopping their posts when the blog traffic stagnates. The reverse is equally true. It takes loads of time as well as energy to get your blog to where it is and do not become foolish. The trick of the trade is to become consistent and be convinced that all your traffic may increase. Do not keep a schedule for consistent blogging.

Develop a Connection with Your Readers

Motivating engagement becomes a big way to improve your revenues. And the nice way to encourage engagement is to reply to the comments. Generally, it is seen that only a few writers take out time and respond to the comments regularly. On the contrary, the writers who give reply to the comments get a group of regular visitors to their blogs. Silent blog is quite depressing, while an active blog seems to be quite exciting. Once people start sharing tips, arguing points and having conversation, you feel that your blogging existence is finally validated.

Leverage Social Media

Are you not getting traffic for your blog at all? If that’s the problem you are facing, then you cannot expect to generate revenues from your blog. Search traffic may take time to increase and more people may also link to your website. But can’t you wait for your corporate blog to gain popularity organically?

Make use of social media to popularize your corporate blog. Be it Twitter or Facebook, a social networking site is the quickest way to generate traffic for your blog. Simply Tweeting as well as sharing from own profile is not enough. After a certain point of time, you also need to ask your friends, colleagues, or acquaintances to share your content as well.

Each time you release a blog post, you will notice a consistent stream of traffic. If you wish you can also buy Facebook advertisements. If you are unable to grow traffic in an organic way, spending money to acquire eyeballs is certainly not a bad thing. Just by spending a few dollars on each blog post, you are able to increase the total number of likes for each post from 5 to 500. You will get likes from real viewers who may be converted into clients. According to the Google Analytics, this strategy actually helps to get over 6,000 new visitors per month. The role of Facebook advertisements in increasing traffic and marketing the blog is undeniable.

Monetize Your Blog

Few corporate bloggers complain that they cannot capture leads unless and until their blogs hit a few thousands visitors. Poor conversation is the main reason for it. And the reason for poor conversion is that traffic they were driving in was not relevant to the product. Monetize your blog. And you must start the process even before you the traffic generation begins. By monetizing you can sense where your blog stands and how qualified your traffic is.

Corporate blogging is no rocket science. If you follow a few rules and take decisions based on the data, you may observe a huge increase in traffic. Most importantly, this traffic increases your chances of getting new client whom you can acquire by converting the leads.

Sayantani Das

Sayantani Das is a content writer who contributes to Softz Solutions blog and other popular blogs on a regular basis. She is enthusiastic about writing content on a wide array of topics such as social media marketing, web design and development, online marketing and so on. Besides writing, she is a lover of music and likes to read books.

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