Create Content that Drives in Organic Traffic

Create Content that Drives in Organic Traffic

The digital marketing world is filled with multiple variables, but we can agree on a single fact. Content is the king. However, content alone, in the absence of adequate strategy will never give the expected outcome. Crafting a strategy that aids in generating organic traffic is quite crucial.

So how can you create a redefined content strategy? If you want to drive in organic traffic, what strategic and specific methods should you employ?

The process starts with audience research and this is built upon determination of the best form of content, creation of a frequency pattern, tailoring style according to the need of audience and focusing on the keywords that audiences look for online. By engaging in the process and repeating it, it’s possible to develop a strategy capacitated to produce organic traffic steadily.

Create Buyer Persona

There is just one place to start this effort - research your targeted audience. The content must be about the things that the buyers love to learn about. Before you begin with content creation, you must figure out who the targeted buyers are.

So what kind of readers do you need for your content?

One of the best ways to understand the audience is through the creation of buyer personas. These are fictional but generalized representation of the ideal customer. They help with understanding the customers better making it easier to tailor content to a specific requirement, behavior and concern of the customers. Creating buyer persona needs adequate insights and market research gathered from the customer base. Though this sounds pretty scary, it’s fun too.

Use Frequently Used Search Terms of the Ideal Customer as Keyword

The first step will help you get an idea of your ideal customer’s behavior. If your audience fits within a single group, it’s time to find out the type of content they are searching for. You need to find out the style of writing they love, the format they are eager to find the content in and the subject in which they are interested. To drive in organic traffic, it’s vital to tailor content according to the need of the targeted audience.

The logic here is simple; your targeted audience begins searching for a given subject; you publish content covering that subject. This will help you notice an increase in the amount of targeted traffic. It’s not hard to find out things your audience is searching for. You just need to

  • Improve Knowledge of the Niche

You must have a thorough knowledge of the niche you are dealing with. With advanced knowledge in a given field, it will be easier for you to pen content for that field.

  • Find the Long Tail Keywords your Audience is Looking For

On the basis of knowledge of a given niche, choose a few keywords or topics the targeted audience searches for most. Remember that ‘iPhone’ is not good as a keyword. You must be far more specific since people prefer content that is created for a given niche.

  • Dive Deeper into Some Topics

As soon as you hit on a given topic that is loved by your audience, you can spend time as well as resources to create content that delves deeper into the subject. The long tail keywords can offer several options for additional topics.

Find out the Content Format your Audience Prefers Most

This step is also linked to the initial findings. Most companies use different types of content format to reach out to a wider variety of users. If you want to focus your efforts, you need to know the type of content your audience responds to.

I am definitely not asking you to give away a particular content format. It’s just about prioritizing the content that works better for your audience. Here are some of the most popular niches and formats they work best in.

  • Blogs

  • Images

  • Email campaigns

  • Webinars

  • Social media platforms

  • Audio content

  • Video content

Always remember that you need to offer the things your audience is searching for rather than the things you will search for. Always cater to the need of your audience. This will help you to accrue success.

Develop a Personality and Style that Attracts the Audience

All successful brands have their own style and personality. This is one of the most significant aspects of any brand.

Think about yourself. Don’t you get attracted to individuals who are similar to you? Likewise, you will be preferred by individuals with similar views. This is also true for content marketing, both for B2B as well as B2C.

The consumers are bound to gravitate towards the person that resonates with their disposition and personality. It’s no longer enough to know the type of content that is preferred by your audience. It’s important to know the way they want it styled too.

Settle for a Particular Content Frequency Pattern

By now, you have figured out who are your audience, what are the things that they want and how will they get it. Now, it’s time to find out how often this will take place.

  • Find Out how Often Should you Post the Content

Without doubt, the frequency of blog posts will differ from the frequency of Twitter updates. The more a given content costs in effort and resources, the lesser will be the frequency of posting it. This is chiefly about the results that you get of the effort you put into content creation.

  • Determine Posting Frequency Depending upon your Audience

You must keep the audience in mind. When will the audience access your content and at what frequency? When will they be seeing it and when is it most convenient for them to attend the webinar?

  • Make a Calendar

After you are done with determining the frequency of content marketing based upon the audience and the type, it’s time to schedule it. Planning things in advance is one of the best ways to ensure appropriate execution.

As soon as you are done, repeat the whole process. Remember that you will never get thousands of visitors within just a week of beginning content marketing. Acquiring optimum traffic is a systematic but slow process.

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