Anticipated Content Marketing Trends for 2015

Anticipated Content Marketing Trends for 2015

Content is the king. Though this adage might sound cliché, yet it remains true for the world of internet even to this day. So, if you are planning to establish an online presence for your business, content needs to be your focus.

The importance of content in the web world has increased over the years. More and more companies are depending on it as a strategy to increase their revenues. Here’s a look at how companies are viewing the importance of content creation in 2014 over the earlier years:

Change in Content Creation

But that does not imply that it has not undergone any change. In fact, the strategies and tactics of using content on the internet has changed significantly. And it is still doing so.

Thus, new strategies and tactics evolve for content marketing almost every year. New content marketing trends emerged in 2014. With the year approaching its end, it’s time to design the strategies to market content in some more effective ways in 2015.

There are a few trends that are expected to rule the content marketing world in near future. Here’s a look at the top content marketing trends that are set to rule in 2015:

  • Focus to be more on quality
  • Visual content set to be of utmost importance
  • Short videos will continue to be used more and more
  • Micro targeting will come into play
  • Building Relationships with Personalized Content
  • Brand awareness to be conducted across platforms
  • Sharing the content on the right platforms

Focus Shifting More on Quality

Why are you creating content? Surely, the aim is to get more traffic. But for that you need to make sure that the content is of the best quality. Only then you can remain assured that the content will get shared by others who like it. It’s not the quantity any more, but the quality of the content that determines how it is going to be accepted by the viewers.

Visual Content Set to Rule

There’s one old adage that has become sort of cliché from overuse. It’s the same old proverb: a picture speaks a thousand words. And yet, it hasn’t been swept by the sands of time yet. Visual is set to play an extremely important role in 2015. It can even start with a visually strong headline that will help a blog get an upper hand. Besides, you can also use introductory pictures in the blog, which is sure to have the best impact on the readers. Ensure that the images are good enough to attract the viewers to the blog.

The rising importance of visual is also the reason that’s driving the use of PowerPoint presentations and infographics. With their colors and images, these are set to attract more viewers than the drab, text-based content. Thus, using these videos is sure to give your content marketing endeavor an upper hand.

Use of Short Videos Set to Continue

Videos take the concept of visual a step further.

How can they help you?

  • They save time
  • They communicate directly person-to-person
  • They allow conveying a lot of messages within a short space

Short, simple videos to tell the story of your brand – these have been in use since 2014 and even earlier. It is always easy to express through videos, as you have the assistance of both the visual as well as the audio. So, this trend is expected to continue in 2015 as well. Websites, such as the Instagram, Vine, and others have made it easier for the business owners to convey the word about your business.

Targets Set to Become Micro

Are you planning your content with many target audience categories in mind? Hold on. Now is the time to go micro. Your content should be planned in the right way to ensure that it is pitched to the right audience.

But, at the first place, who are your target audience? You need to have a clear idea about this. Without knowing who you are pitching your products and services to, you can’t decide what to speak to them. So, know your target audience and plan your content marketing strategy in a personalized way.

Approach your target audience as if you are talking directly to them. It will help you build trust as well, which is sure to play a major role in helping you create dedicated followers.

Building Relationships with Personalized Content

What do you think is the primary objective of creating business content? Of course, to sell your products and services. To increase your business revenues. But that does not mean all your content will be focused on that. Earlier there was a trend of limiting the content to your own use only. This surely has changed. Content marketing these days demand a wider perspective.

Surely, you need to create a selling strategy. But that has to be smart. Share stories and anecdotes. Make your content more engaging and personalized. Your target audience are not just live wallets for you. Don’t make them feel that way.

Creating Brand Awareness across Platforms

Stories and anecdotes are sure to become important. And make sure you use these stories in your content to build brand awareness for your organization.

Planning to create the content based on the concept of storytelling? You have to keep in mind a simple thing: with every passing day, more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet. So, the content you create needs to be responsive. So, make your storytelling responsive too. Ensure that the content you are sharing can be used for different types of internet-friendly devices.

Finding the Correct Platform will be Important

Where are you posting your content? That’s probably going to be a million-dollar question in this changed world of content marketing in 2015. Guest posting has emerged as a major form of marketing in recent times. It has been one of the best ways for content marketing over the last few years as well. But the platforms you use to post the content will play a major role in ensuring that you have the best results. So, just beef up your efforts. You need to find the platforms that offer maximum viewership. Only then you can expect your content to deliver the best results for your business.

With 2015 round the corner, it’s important to weigh the emerging content marketing strategies for your business. And once you get hold of the possible trends, you can plan your strategies for maximum returns for your business.

Dipanjan Mukherjee

Dipanjan Mukherjee, a content writer and editor by profession, and a web enthusiast by choice, takes special interest in various subjects, including social media, web design, online marketing, and others. A post graduate diploma in Mass Communication and Masters in English, he started his career as a content writer and has over 7 years of experience in content writing and editing. He has worked in a number of industries, including IT, market research, SEO and others. He contributes blogs for Softz Solutions, The Perfect Blender, and a number of other popular sites.

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