Content Marketing Strategy through Social Media

Content Marketing Strategy through Social Media

You can’t just upload a video or a photo on Facebook or Twitter and expect that it will generate traffic immediately. For proper enhancement, you need to concentrate on your content more. You also have to create a better and more informative content on a relevant topic and share it on your social media profile.

Content is the heart and soul of any digital marketing campaign. It decides how the reader will respond to the site. It is the medium through which the brand tells its story to the world and help the audience to form their opinion on it. Content is the core of the whole marketing strategy and this is what pops up as the search result when people search for some topic on the internet. Content is the thing that attracts readers to a site and makes them stay there for a considerable time. The readers share the content on social media platforms, thus increasing its reach. So, we a good content can be regarded as a game changer in the world of digital marketing. It is the only thing that fetches attraction from the readers.

In this article you will find tips to enhance content marketing strategy with the use of social media.

#1. Know Your Audience Better and Connect with Them

You are using social media to communicate with your audience. So, utilize this two-way traffic for your own benefit as well. But before you connect with them, in the first place you need to know who the audience are. So, start with that. You may have the basic idea of the demography of your audience just like other brands have. But think beyond that. You need to understand their mindset, their interest, needs and their behaviors better. Only then you will be able to connect with them in a much better way. To do that, go through industry research studies, consult search groups and social monitoring software, and visit other sites like these for better learning the behavior of your audience.

Once you have identified your audience, now you need to connect with them properly. Ask for their views, their ideas and needs for better content writing. Ask them what they want to read. Communication is the key to better content marketing. Use the comments, reviews and your opinion in your blog post. There are apps that can help you to know the topic, on which your followers are currently talking about. Nexalogy, uberVU via Hootsuit are some of these apps that provide you with a proper insight into the mindset and interest of your audience.

#2. Post at the Best Time

Certainly there is no specific time to post something on social media platforms. But research says that if you post a content at optimal time, then it will give your content a certain edge.

Researches say that the time of people logging in social media varies in accordance with the working hours and breaks, more during the end of the working hours. Moreover, a large number of people prefer to check the updates in the social media before going to bed. So, keeping that in mind you can post your content in your business page when your friends and followers are active in social media.

#3. Think of Re-purposing

If you feel that the content you have posted in one social media platform has gained good response then think about re-purposing it. As an example, you may have posted a great content in Facebook and Twitter. Think about posting it again as an infographic in the sites that are known to publish infographics. There is an amazing new feature in Twitter called Pin-Tweet. Now you can pin the tweet of yours, which you feel is important or you want to get more retweeted. You can pin it on your timeline, so that your followers won’t miss it. It can help you in re-purposing your content.

If a post have got amazing response in a social network, then you can share it there for several times.

#4. Use Proper Dimension

People will share your content not only if it is of a high quality but also if it is good to look at. So, be careful if the images you have created appear blurry or are not cropped properly. Remember, the thing sells well when its looks appeal to people more.

#5. Add Value

You need to provide some value through your content. Everyone knows that you are actually here for business. But it should not be your direct approach. Give them what they want: it may be education, tips for better productivity or cost-saving ideas. It will help you to create a different impression with your audience and they will give your brand a serious thought when they will think about purchasing a product that you also offer. Marketing is your goal, but you are offering your brand, not your strategy.

#6. Use Hashtags

Use hashtags at proper places. It will help your content to be tracked across various social media platforms. It makes the conversation easier for your consumers.

#7. Keep SEO in Mind

Now social media and SEO are not entirely two different spheres. Rather, they are very much interrelated. So, if you are focusing on content marketing, then certainly you can’t ignore the impact of SEO. It helps your audience to find your content on digital platforms. It is also true that may be like and share in Facebook, retweet or pin has no direct effect in ranking, but they contribute to the traffic increase and also generate links, which have direct and profound effects.

#8. A/B Testing

For a better result in social media, it needs proper test and measurement. A single tweet for a content is not enough, especially when it doesn’t work out in the first place. Try different messages across different platforms and use various tweets for your story. Try to find out what works best with your audience.

#9. Use a Conversational Tone

When a reader finds an article with heavy and formal tone of discussion, it intimidates them. So, to reach the heart of your reader and potential consumers, use conversational tone. Give them a peep into your thoughts; offer them insight, but don’t forget to ask for their insights too. Present a human face of your brand through your content.

By learning all these steps and adding a few new ones, which you have found suitable for your marketing strategy, you will be able to hit the head of the nail aptly in case of content marketing through social media.

Upasona Banerjee

A content writer by profession, Upasona Banerjee writes for Softz Solutions. She takes interest in social media, content marketing and digital marketing. Being a blogging enthusiast, she chooses writing blogs to share her ideas and views on these areas of her interest.

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