Conduct a thorough account audit to save your underperforming Adword Campaign (P-2)

Conduct a thorough account audit to save your underperforming Adword Campaign (P-2)

**If you haven’t gone through the part 1 of this topic yet, we would suggest you to do that first before going through this one right here.

STEP 4: Checking keywords

When you look at your AdWords keywords, make sure you do the same across every relevant campaign, in general. This will help you stay focused on the particular subject matter of the campaign.

In case you have a gigantic AdWords campaign, it is more advisable to look at sample keywords so that you can find a pattern somewhere to make your task easier.

Here is your list of questions to answer while you are doing keyword audit for your Google AdWords campaign:

  • Do you have negative keywords in use?

  • Do you have off topic keywords in use? [Note: Off topic keywords can really hurt the subject matter of your topic and the conversion rates; so never ignore this for any reason whatsoever.]

  • Do you have terms with zero conversion rates yet, at the same time, have high clicks or spends?

  • Do you have keywords having low-quality scores?

  • Do you have a keyword-specific maximum CP set at an optimal level?

  • DO you have any particular term that’s seemingly out of line with your conversion targets?

If you find any negative answer to the questions highlighted above, note down the problem, and go for the fix as soon as possible. The sooner you fix the issue, the better it’s going to be.

STEP 5: Checking Ad Groups

Before we start our discussion on ad groups, I want to make something clear first. Ad groups mean “group of ads,” NOT “group of keywords.”

Okay, now let’s begin.

The different aspects of ad groups that you should consider for your audit are:

  • Do your ad groups have roundabout ten keywords or less?

  • Do your ad groups complement or compete with one another?

  • Do you have the ad group level maximum CPC set at an optimal level?

  • What are your best ad groups of the lot? Are they receiving enough of your budget?

STEP 6: Check your website landing pages

You will probably say that landing pages aren’t connected to AdWords; so what’s the point in mentioning them in the AdWords audit?

Yes, it’s true that they aren’t directly connected to your AdWords account in any way whatsoever, but, at the same time, it’s also true that they can play an indirect (and important) role in influencing the performance of your campaign either for your good or bad.

So here’s your checklist to follow:

  • Do you have a good headline and a clear call to action button on your page?

  • Are all your lead capturing forms in a fine working condition?

  • Do you have a dedicated tracking number for calls?

  • Do all your forms provide a thank you message to your visitors after submission?

  • Do you think more landing pages are required to generate more leads in the long run? If you think “yes,” do it.

Expert tips on writing the perfect Ads for your AdWords campaign

  • Write a beautiful attention-grabbing headline which is relevant to the search. Remember, you have only a few seconds in your hand to attract the attention of a visitor. So make every second count.

  • Write 3 ads at the start to find the best of the lot.

  • Use power words in your ad to compel readers to click on them.

  • Try and include emotional triggers in your ad copy. These can help to provoke an incredibly powerful response which, in turn, can get you more clicks and leads in the long run.

  • Create unique and keyword-rich display URLs.

  • Focus on the benefits of your service. Do not talk about problems. Always talk about solutions.


So that’s basically it. It’s time we bring this article to an end for now. If you want more tips on creating the perfect AdWords campaign for your business, you may consider going through this article right here. With that, we’ll bid adieu for the day. Hope you had a great read.


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