Conduct A Thorough Account Audit To Save Your Underperforming Adword Campaign (P-1)

Conduct A Thorough Account Audit To Save Your Underperforming Adword Campaign (P-1)

Is your Google AdWords campaign not performing the way it should?

Unless you have audited your account, you would not be able to highlight these problems for sure. So let’s begin without any further ado.

Google Adwords Account Audit: A brief overview

A Google AdWords account audit is the process of evaluating the overall effectiveness of your AdWords account.

A thorough account audit can help to reveal primary issues of an underperforming ad campaign which can then be addressed ASAP.

There are undoubtedly many tools available in the market that are capable of giving you an algorithmic-based result of your account but more often than not, they defy the context of your focus audience, marketing goals, and other significant aspects of a PPC campaign.

Hence, the best and the effective solution is to go manual.

The key to a comprehensive audit is to:

  • Identify and highlight the things that you are going to review and understand the overall importance of the same.

  • Verify and document the status of every item in the audit.

  • Pinpoint the items that are not working according to plan in a post-audit action plan.

Why do you need a thorough Google AdWords Account Audit?

Some of the primary benefits of AdWords audit include things like:

  • Identifying areas of expense waste.

  • Finding newer and better opportunities to expand.

  • Gaining significant audience insight that can be applied to the AdWords account and to other marketing channels to maximize efficiency in the long run.

  • Enhancing back-end business operations.

  • Assumption validations.

So you can very well see that a comprehensive AdWords audit can really help to breathe a new life into an underperforming ad campaign in the best possible manner.

AdWords Account Audit checklist

STEP 1: Reviewing goals

The first step of the audit is to review your account and business goals to ensure that you know and understand your objectives like the back of your palms.

Highlighting your focus and goals make it easier for you to organize the audit in the right way.

Now, these are the questions you must ask yourself while reviewing goals for your AdWords audit:

  • What are the fundamental conversion goals of your company?

  • Whata re the fundamental conversion goals of your AdWords campaign?

  • Did you change your goals in the meantime?

  • Is it possible for you to check your website performance beyond Adwords (like via Google Analytics)?

  • Has your target audience changed in the meantime?

Once you get the answers to all the questions highlighted above, move on to the next step.

STEP 2: Reviewing the structure of the account

You can structure your AdWords account around a number of entities (depending on your choice and requirements) such as:

  • Persona targets,

  • Logical and realistic business objective,

  • Line of service,

  • Line of product,

  • Subject matter, etc.

Now these are the questions you should ask yourself while reviewing the structure of your AdWords account:

  • Do your AdWords campaigns represent various campaign setting level segments (such as ad scheduling, geotargeting, and so on)?

  • Do your campaigns give you meaningful roll up reports for those specific ad groups which fall under them?

  • Do you think your campaigns are easy to compare with one another? Can you even budget your balance across?

You should strive to get positive answers to each of the questions highlighted above. If you don’t, it signifies an issue which needs to be fixed ASAP.

STEP 3: Checking campaign settings

Here’s your checklist as far as your campaign setting reviewing is concerned:

  • Is your campaign’s geographic target accurate enough for your purpose?

  • Is device targeting accurate?

  • Are the budget, ad delivery methods, and bid strategies appropriate enough to your liking?

  • Is your dayparting (ad scheduling) appropriate?

  • Do you have your advanced location settings configures in the right way?

  • Do you know whether you are using dynamic search ads or not? If you do, are you using them for the right reasons?


Right, now this brings us to end of the part 1 for now. We will come up with the second ASAP. But till then, goodbye!

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