Blogroll links are losing popularity over times – It is time to look for alternative

Technology has to upgrade by its nature. And it is only time and need that determines when you need to execute them in your favour.  Search Engine Marketing is of no exception to it.  This web technology has ever kept us busy devising new strategies, every time Big G waved its hand.

Blogroll link concept speaks the same:

Take Blogroll links for example. If you notice, even a couple of years back, webmasters were looked hungry for collecting blogroll links for their client’s website. For them, getting a blogroll link from good, relevant blog meant- a potential vote which carried outstanding value from ranking point of view. In fact, many a times, advertisers used to buy such blogroll links from the market by paying hefty sum.

However, scenario has changed today. You won’t find SEO professionals scratching head to collect such links.   A very few people take genuine interest on exchanging blogroll links. It is more of old habit today which is going to be obsolete soon.

Important questions for webmasters:

Did you ever guess the reason of this decline? What made Blogroll links less popular among web crowds? What this change refers to?  Is this shift justified?

Why are Blogroll links becoming extinct?

There could be one potential reason of it, I guess.  Blogroll links (also called site wide links) are shown in the inner pages of a blog other than home page. It means you are getting same link from same domain but from different pages. Since a blog gets updated every day, it seems you are getting only one link from “N” number of sub pages.

Now Google does not give any extra credit to such link. Since it is from the same domain only, links from inner pages do not pass any link juice.  Even, when you count backlinks for your client site, these multiplied links get automatically added.  This creates an illusion for real backlink figure.

Thus, blogroll links do not serve any added benefits to backlink profile as it was thought earlier.

So, what is on the move these days? Is there any replacement of Blogroll links?

Yes, there are. It is Home Page Only visible link which looks pretty similar to Blogroll only, but is different in terms of page placement.

The idea is simple. Home Page only links are refined version of blogroll text or image links. Here inner pages are excluded from the links, so you see them only on the home page.  Thus, there is no chance of having duplication during backlink count. Even to Google, this home page only link carries enough value.

Home page image or text links can also be used as advertisements.

How are home page only links created?

This is a pure technical matter. Web designers having good knowledge in WordPress PHP and coding can only do it.

If you want to know more about this, write to us. We will cite you real examples of Home page link placement in our networked blogs.

Posted by – Sanat Singha

Sanat Singha

Sanat Singha looks after Corporate Communications and Relationship Management for overseas clients at Softz Solutions. He also leads content writing and blogging team which always inspires him to do something new and productive. Prior to Softz Solutions Sanat worked with Cyber Media India Online Ltd.(CIOL) and Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd. With more than 5 years of experience in digital marketing and ad sales he continues to deliver strategic inputs wherever and whenever required.

A Master in Science from Calcutta University and a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Marketing Management from AIMA, Bangalore, Sanat grew up scaling advertising and media industry, both online and offline. He was a Semester Topper in 2006-2008 batch (IBMR, Bangalore) and was awarded with Gold Medal for his achievement.


On a personal level he is an acute blogger and a singer. You may catch him up cooking delicious dishes on weekends. Follow him on Google Plus.

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