Are you a Good SEO Client? The Checklist

Many a times an SEO campaign performs poorly not due to any fault on the part of the SEO. An SEO campaign can suffer if the client is not a good SEO client.

A good SEO client possesses certain traits/qualities which result in maximum ROI from the SEO campaign.

As an SEO client you should certainly like to be a good SEO client. Are you one? Check out with the following list –

  1. Do you clearly state what you want from the campaign?
  2. Do you participate in Keyword Selection?
  3. Do you answer Questions from Your SEO in a timely manner?
  4. Do you Implement Changes (or allow your SEO to implement) suggested by your SEO?
  5. Do you Ask Questions?
  6. Do you allow Reasonable Time for rankings?

Any other points I have missed here? Feel free to suggest below using the comments form.

Lakhya Phukan

At Softz Solutions we think beyond SEO. We are into digital marketing services in India for over a decade. Our global clientele are from all around UK, USA, Australia, Ireland and other European countries. Multifaceted projects, 700+ websites in varied business categories, partnership with top-rated agencies from US, UK, Australia and 90% success rate – are what set us high than others.

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