Why Adaptive Content is the New Thing in Content Marketing

Why Adaptive Content is the New Thing in Content Marketing

It has been more than 20 years since the web revolution started. The era of digital marketing is in its prime now. Content is still ruling the world of brand marketing. But the rule of nature is, nothing can be rigidly permanent. To survive and develop, one has to be adaptive and flexible. If content wants to rule the world of brand marketing for a while, it needs to shed off the rigidity and embrace changes. Flexibility will make a content more successful.

To make your content more successful and to make it appealing to everyone, there is only one way that you can apply in your content marketing strategy: adaptive content.

What is Adaptive Content?

Now, the first question that might have popped up in your mind is, what is this adaptive content, by the way? Well, it is a content that has adapted itself to become more readable across various devices.

In short, a content will be developed and stored in a central location in chunks that are usable. Readers will be able to share it easily with a large variety of devices.

Adaptive content is becoming the key to success of content marketing strategy. It makes the experience more memorable and delightful when brand impression becomes stronger and more impressive. In today’s digital world, the use of mobile devices is increasing with every passing moment.

A survey of Internet Users says, at least 40% of the people all over the world are now using internet.

Cisco reports that mobile data traffic grew by 81% in 2013 alone. It is 18 times the size of the global user of the internet of 2000.

As much as 63% Americans goes online using their mobile devices, as Pew Research reports.

The above statistics are enough to convince anyone that today mobile devices rule the world of internet users. And when you are browsing through your tab, it is irritating if a content that you want to go through does not fit the format of the device. You may say that Responsive Web Design (RWD) will solve the issue; but trust me, it won’t. It will help you see the webpage the way you like. But the issue with the format of the content will remain the same.

RWD helps a website to change the form fluidly and to respond to any device. But if the content is not visible to the world in a changed format of the webpage, then what is the use of it.

Here comes the adaptive content to your aid. It helps you see the content in the device of your choice, in the form you want them.

The Rigidity Responsible behind the Failure

Creating and posting content at the right place is the most effective way for brand promotion. However, it is a task that most brands ignore. A blogpost, a podcast, a Facebook post, even a Tweet hold great value in the content marketing business. As you are not new in this field, you already know how difficult it is to develop a content that will hit the right target. And imagine, you have spent the whole week perhaps to create an updated content and post it in your blog. But you are clueless of what you should do with it now.

The ever buzzing world of content marketing never stops to pay attention to only one content time and again. If you stop after posting it once in a blogpost, then it will die an untimely death even before the reader fall in love with it. Precisely, your effort won’t make the desired impact, and the reason is that it was not adaptive to the series of other devices.

The content developers invest much time and energy to research and develop a content. That is why these content deserve to be at the top of the page for a longer period. But they fail to do so and disappear into thin air because they are not compatible with the devices the readers use.

Adaptive Content is more than just any Content

There is a fine line between generic content and adaptive content. Adaptive content are created keeping readers in mind while choosing the topic. The headlines are SEO friendly. The content itself is well structured and completely in the right order.

It is not a new story that it can be shared in the various platforms of social media. You already know how much social media can influence content marketing. May be it is posted in a blog. Google takes notice. It has been shared in Facebook and tweeted several times.

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But it will be a breaking news if only your readers will be able to read it from their mobile devices and apps. If the users get a notification and can read it seamlessly from their Android app, Windows and blackberry, then it is going to stir the readers. Most of the time, enthusiasts miss a content because they don’t get notifications. And the content marketer can offer a bonus. They can email it to some lucky subscriber as well. It will not only increase engagement, but will also increase the brand value.

How Adaptive Content are Replacing Their Static Counterparts

The organizations involved in brand marketing have realized lately that static content does not work anymore. They won’t be able to make it work unless the content strategy comes out of the one-size-fits-all approach. You must be thinking that it will take a gigantic effort to optimize the whole thing again and there is no rush for you. But let me tell you, your wiser competitors are thinking ahead of you. So, better start adapting yourself now.

Elements of Adaptive Contents

As the experts of content marketing have pointed out, adaptive content can be distinguished from the traditional ones if only it has these features:

  • Re-usability
  • Well structured
  • Independent from over-the-top presentation
  • Meaningful metadata that will help the reader to interpret the content
  • Usable CMS interface


The Three Mantras

The three mantras you need to keep in mind while producing an adaptive content are reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Manage your content smartly with the help of an editorial calendar. It will reduce your workload. Reuse your content in chunks so that it can flourish in its full bloom. Recycle your content as much as you can. Your content will live longer in the ever busy world of content marketing.

Adaptive content adds potential to your creation. And as soon as you start adapting your content marketing strategies, you will become successful in this business.

Upasona Banerjee

A content writer by profession, Upasona Banerjee writes for Softz Solutions. She takes interest in social media, content marketing and digital marketing. Being a blogging enthusiast, she chooses writing blogs to share her ideas and views on these areas of her interest.

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