A beginner’s guide to the perfect app store optimization

A beginner’s guide to the perfect app store optimization

Since this is a guide that’s made especially for the beginners, I’ll start this off with the basics first. So what is app store optimization?

App store optimization (ASO) is a form of SEO where mobile apps are optimized to rank them higher on the respective app stores. The higher the ranking, the better it is.

Why should you go for app store optimization?

App store optimization is mighty important for you to increase the visibility of your app on the app stores.

As per Forrester (a reputed market research company), more than 63% of mobile apps are discovered through searches on the app stores rather than searches via other major search engines. So if you don’t pay special attention to optimizing your app on the app stores, you will be missing out on a significant amount of traffic for sure.

The benefits of app store optimization are worth noticing. So take a peek.

  • Increased visibility

This is the first and the most important benefit of the lot. It gives your app the maximum visibility on the app stores provided you are capable of doing ASO the right way.

Remember there are millions of apps on the app stores. More than thousands of them work on a similar niche as yours and almost all of them are striving hard to get as much traffic, as much downloads as possible (which is also exactly similar to that of you).

Therefore, you need to do something different to step out of that huge crowd and make yourself more visible to the world as a whole. ASO is the only thing that can help you out in such circumstances.

  • App stores are where the traffic is especially when mobile apps are concerned

The mobile internet has just grown in use especially with the grown popularity in mobile devices. And hence, the app stores are the places where the action truly is.

You don’t want to miss out on that mobile traffic; do you? So app store optimization is necessary; there’s simply no doubt about it.

  • ASO can bring in more profits

If this is not a benefit, I seriously don’t know what is.

If you have an app that’s monetized or one that provides users with in-app purchases, you should strive hard to optimize the same on the respective app stores for increased visibility. This can make you generate more business from them and bring in more revenues.

Now that’s exactly what the doctor ordered; isn’t it?

  • It can also include your brand value

Having an app on the app store is more than capable of increasing your business credibility to your customers in general. Your business credibility is also directly linked to that of your brand value.

So the more the visibility, the more the downloads which is something that can also directly affect your brand value. Thus, you can very well see how ASO can help in improving your brand value by improving your app visibility on the app stores.

Effective ASO: A few basic tips

In here I’ll be providing you with a few basic tips that can come in handy for you if you are a complete beginner of the subject. So let’s begin.

  • Make sure that you have a simple and easily comprehensible app design. It’s the first impression that you can make your potential customers. So it’s important for sure.

  • Then comes the name of your app. The name should be striking and relevant. It should be comprehended in matter of seconds rather than minutes.

  • The app description comes next. It should be brief, lucid and straight to the point. Too much repetitiveness should be avoided.

  • Provide your audience with the most compelling screenshots that you can find in your app. Such a thing is mighty important for you to create a long lasting impression on your audience as a whole.

  • Your app trailer video should be designed carefully with the most attractive features of the app. Such a thing can definitely benefit you in the long run.

So that brings us to the end of our FIVE basic ASO tips. If you want to know about them in greater detail, you may check these two articles [ASO tips (P-1), (P-2)] out.


Proper app store optimization can do your business a whole lot of benefits if you are capable of doing it the right way. With that, I will bring this to an end. Hope you had a great read.

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