7 Secrets of Effective Tweeting and Getting Retweeted

Twitter, fast emerging as one of the most popular social networking platforms, has become the point of interest of many. Everyone on Twitter wants to take advantage of that. Well, acquiring huge followers and getting re-tweeted is not that easy as is using the Twitter. The secrets of effective tweets are as follows:

Be clear:  There is no point in tweeting something that has dual meaning. Your followers might get disappointed if they can not figure out what you actually meant leave alone re-tweeting you.

Be brief:  Keep your tweets shorter than the maximum limit of 140 characters to leave room for your followers to re-tweet your post with their comments added to it. Use shortened URLs when you tweet a link. URL shortening not only makes more space for you it also provides detail of how many times people have clicked your links.

Be informative: Try to provide exclusive and useful information to people in your niche. They will surely like your tweet and share it in their networks.

Use hash tags: Use keywords with hash tag (#) in your tweet. It helps people to find your tweet on a particular topic easily. For instance, if you are tweeting some thing on search engine optimization use the keyword SEO as “#seo” in your tweets.

Be funny:  Humor is one thing that can easily catch on. Make people laugh. Share good jokes and funny one-liners.

Be caring: never forget to express gratitude and give thanks to people who re-tweet you. Reply your fellow tweeps’ messages meant for you (with @yourusername).

Share:  Do not refrain from sharing your fellow tweeps’ tweets that you think worth sharing. With time they will surely pay you back by re-tweeting yours.

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