6 Cool PowerPoint Slide Design Tools

6 Cool PowerPoint Slide Design Tools

Whether you are in school or working in an organization, when it comes to creating a PowerPoint presentation you find yourself anxious and worried to create the best presentation you’ve ever made.

However, you doubt if you can achieve the feat using PowerPoint presentation as you know the strengths and limitations of the good old slide designing tool.

Throw your concerns to the wind as we bring you these six awesome PowerPoint slide designing tools using which you can create marvelous presentations easily.

1. Office Timeline

Unlike PowerPoint, which does not provide any avenue to make a timeline slide, Office Timeline offers a timeline tool that can be operated in PowerPoint and can be utilized to present data in a chronological manner, milestones for business projects and future product launches.

You can install Office Timeline application as a PowerPoint add-in and select Office Timeline > New command to run the application.

After that you’ll find a wizard dialogue box providing you the option of Gantt, Interval, Metro, and Phases timeline types and after choosing the type you have to follow the steps instructed by the dialogue box to enter the data for the timeline.

Choose your desired styles and colors and click on the finish button.

2. PowerPoint Labs

PowerPoint Labs is a free PowerPoint add-in that can be installed inside PowerPoint as a tab. By using PowerPoint Labs you can use visual effects for any presentation and slideshow including highlighting animations, images, text, to name just a few.

The add-in provides a wide array of special effects and animations for integration of images and texts on the presentations.

3. VisualBee

Just like Office Timeline and PowerPoint Labs, VisualBee is also a PowerPoint add-in that provides pictures and animations for your presentation depending on its content and also optimizes your slideshow.

After installing the add-in application, you’re required to open your slide on PowerPoint and click on the Enhance Presentation option on the new VisualBee tab.

The add-in app provides a visual appeal to your slideshow. Upon the appearance of the Enhance Presentation dialogue box, you’re required to select a template to utilize its style gallery.

After selecting a template, the add-in app finds and adds suitable pictures in to your slides, and includes animation images. After that, you can select the Preview option and have a glance at them and select the Edit option to make any changes to the slides. After that, you can save the slide using the Save option.

The add-in app is available in three variants:

Basic: It is a free version of the app and it comes with a VisualBee logo on the presentation slides. It restricts users to a maximum number of 10 slides for each presentation.

Standard: This version comes at an annual subscription of $39.90, doesn’t come with a logo, and provides users with as many slides they want for each presentation.

Pro: This version comes at an annual subscription of $79.90, it allows you to include your organization’s logo, and add an image finder and image library of your organization.

4. Canva

Canva is a free infographic template site that provides you with template to make your process simpler. The web design tool allows you to make business card, infographic, email header, and e-book by providing easy-to-customize and professional templates for any numbers of design requirements. The app allows you to edit the content by altering colors, changing fonts’ size, and touching up images.

5. Note & Point

Note & Point is used to create visually appealing presentations with the help of high-quality designs. The Note & Point application is a marvelous source for ideas and inspirations and it is a mega warehouse of a large number of beautifully-designed and best-quality slide decks and presentations.

By using Note & Point, you can download a large number of strikingly-looking slide decks such as PDF galleries and PowerPoint slide shows.

6. HubSpot PowerPoint SlideShare Templates

HubSpot offers an array of PowerPoint templates for absolutely free of charge using which you can make striking SlideShare presentations easily. All you need to do is to add your content, fine-tune your color schemes to suit your brand, and edit pictures and images according to your need.


HubSpot provides a broad collection of templates ranging from plain and simple to a little more ornamental and decorative to allow you to select the template that matches your content.

Even though PowerPoint is a great tool to give presentations, it has certain limitations such as it cannot present information in a chronological manner, it doesn’t offer a vast collection of designs to choose from, etc.

You can be assured to give awesome presentations using some other great PowerPoint design tools such as Office Timeline, PowerPoint Labs, VisualBee, Canva, Note & Point, and HubSpot PowerPoint SlideShare Templates.


Hope this list’s going to come in handy the next time you design a set of slides for your upcoming presentations. With that, we’ll bring this article to a close. Ciao!


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