5 Definite Reasons for Your Business to Build a Chatbot ASAP

5 Definite Reasons for Your Business to Build a Chatbot ASAP

Chatbots have become nothing less than a sensation among businesses. That’s because of the host of fun and effective customer servicing benefits that come with it.

Now the question is: Did you stay ahead of the curve by implementing chatbots in your business? Or are you still planning to do so? Well, if you still haven’t implemented this peach of a technology in your business, then you should just sign up for this service with your eyes closed. Why? That’s because of the high ROI factor associated with it.

In this article, we are going to discuss 9 definite reasons for which you should build a chatbot as soon as possible.

1. Chatbots have the capacity to revolutionize the ways you do business

Chatbots have the potentials to change almost everything. It has already changed the ways you interact with customers.

But this is just the start. Probably, there are more to come. Therefore, it’s advisable to accustom yourself to this technology as soon as possible.

The sooner you accustom yourself to chatbots, the better you’ll be prepared for all the professional changes that are going to come in the foreseeable future.

2. Messengers have actually beaten social networking platforms

This might sound a little bit too ridiculous to be true but it actually has happened in reality. Latest data have indicated the fact that currently people use messenger apps more than their social networking platforms. You can refer to this graph to know about this in greater detail.

You’ll probably see the same fact relevant to your daily life as well. Don’t you use Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger etc. more than social networking platforms for personal or official communications? Guess you probably do; don’t you?

So why did the craze over social media narrowed down to a more personal level? Among all that uncontrolled news feed, unknown social friends, groups, events etc., we probably wanted to bring our communication down to a more personal level. This is a good thing; there’s no doubt about it and that’s where chatbots come in.

A messenger chatbot in action

A chatbot can be made into any messenger application such as the Facebook messenger, Whatsapp etc. to interact conveniently and automatically with the users. Since that’s where more people spend a huge chunk of their time, it can be said that these chatbots will be able to provide your users with a seamless interacting experience.

3. Chatbots appear to be more human than conventional automated messages

There are basically 2 types of chatbots:

  • The unintelligent type that acts on basis of the predefined conversion flows written specifically by people.

  • Artificially intelligent chatbots that implement machine learning.

No matter what you choose, both of these appear to be more human than automated messages. You will be able to give the bot your very own personality, your business brand’s identity and make it speak to your users as if you are talking to them in person.

4. Your chatbots are going to speak the language in which we all communicate

Okay, let’s admit this honestly, the language in which we communicate with one another isn’t the language apps use to communicate with individuals.

Languages like “sign up”, “log in” etc. lacks the human touch. Languages like “hello”, “please”, “how is it going?” has that human ingredient in its communication.

Many businesses suffer from social communication disorder. With chatbots, these problems can be solved at least to a certain extent.

5. Improved user interactions

With chatbots, you’ll be able to solve the asymmetry of the flow of information.

A conventional interface usually provides more information than required to the user. Meaning if a user asks a certain question to the interface, it comes up with a detailed answer which is much more than requirement. Such a experience is quite frustrating for the user.

A chatbot provides key information in chunks to the user as per their question resulting in an improved user interaction.


In short, it has to be said that this topic’s hot and must be looked into as soon as possible. If you want to be a standout, this technology can definitely help you to achieve the same. So what are you waiting for? Just read the beginner’s guidelines and delve deep into it. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits.

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