17 Expert Tips For Creating Addictive Content

17 Expert Tips For Creating Addictive Content

Creating high-quality content is not required only for publishing companies or content creation firms but it is also essential for all companies who intend to stay ahead of the curve irrespective to the sectors they belong.

Here are some tips given by experts for creating high-quality content:

Use Imagery, Video, and Interactive Content

RazorSocial’s Founder Ian Cleary states that interactive content, imagery, and video engage readers in a far better manner than plain text contents. Hence, one needs to have a mix of the imagery, video, and interactive content with text.

Ask Yourself if You’ll Post the Content on Your Social Media Wall

MyBlogU.com’s Founder Ann Smarty opines that an awesome content is that content which a content marketer, publisher, or writer perceive it to be good enough to be posted on their Facebook profile.

Understand Your Audience

You need to take into account of your audiences’ preferences before creating anything for them. Hanna Abaza, vice president (Marketing) at Uberflip, states that one has to genuinely understand one’s audience to create high-quality content.

Use Positive, Stimulating Emotions

Kevan Lee, content crafter at Buffer, says that the content which makes people think, act, or change their actions and that results in a lot of positive emotion is an addictive content.

Give Readers New Ideas, Tips, and Strategies

E2M Solutions Co-founder Pratik Dholakiya states that the topics of great contents may not be always novel or fresh but the strategies, ideas, and tips in the contents add value and enable readers to have a different perspective.

Observe Other Sites’ Contents and Cater to the Areas in Which They are Failing

Evan Lepage, content marketer at Hootsuite, suggests reading posts from reputed sources and websites, doing research, finding out the loopholes in the content. Evan says that one can create high-quality content by observing the areas in which top posts are failing.

Repurpose Your Content

Christine White, co-marketing manager at HubSpot, recommends repurposing the content one is creating. By repurposing, one can improve one’s content and produce a much better final version of the initial envisaged work.

Answer the Main Questions of Customers and Address their Major Challenges

Michael Brenner, head of strategy at NewsCreed & chief executive (Marketing) at Insider Group, suggests recognizing and answering the main questions of customers and addressing their major challenges. He says that the rank of a content provider will improve only by providing the best answer consistently.

Create Content that are Highly Searched For

Alina Bradford, tech writer for MTV & contributing writer at CNET, recommends creating the content that is highly searched for. She also suggests searching for some keywords in Google and observe what auto-populates.

Be Genuine and Add Value to Contents

ProductHunt Founder Ryan Hoover opines that to create high-quality contents, one has to be genuine, focus on unique contents, and add value to the contents.

Use Facts, Real Examples, and Case Studies

Siddharth Bharath, content marketing consultant at Thinkific, recommends providing readers with facts, data, information, real examples, and case studies wherever possible so that they have a concrete strategy when they complete reading your content.

Create Engaging Contents that Solve Real Problems

FeldmanCreative Founder Barry Feldman suggests creating engaging contents that can solve a genuine problem that most people struggle with. He emphasizes that the contents should have a sense of humor and appeal the readers.

Create More Actionable, Detailed Contents

NeilPatel.com Founder Neil Patel suggests observing the contents of competitors closely and creating more actionable and more detailed contents and finally wrapping it up with a beautiful design.

Tell a Gripping Story

Chester Branch, transmedia architect at MediaShift, recommends telling a gripping story to pique the interest of readers and hold their attention through the entire course of reading the content.

Focus on Quality Instead of Quantity

Michael Keshen, content marketer at Hover, suggests focusing on quality instead of quantity. He says that instead of writing ten inferior quality blog posts per day one should focus on writing one high-quality blog post a week.

Involve Your Customers in Content Creation Process

Cassandra Jowett, content marketing manager at Influitive, suggests involving your customers in the content creation process to create high-quality content.

Focus on the Quality of Presentation

Jen Van Iderstyne, senior strategist at Overit, recommends focusing on the quality of presentation and making the text content attractive and appealing.


Heeding the advice of the experts, one can create great contents as these experts are some of the best content creators as well as marketing and branding professionals. These suggestions can prove to be game changer in content marketing domain and elevate the reputation of your website.


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