14 of the Best possible techniques To Perk Up Twitter Engagements

14 of the Best possible techniques To Perk Up Twitter Engagements

Twitter boasts over 320 million dynamic users. The whole purpose of publishing in   twitter ensures footfall of interested audience in your website. Liking your tweet, retweeting your tweet, responding to your tweet, including your name in a separate tweet are all integral part of twitter engagement. 

Why Twitter Activities matter

Twitter activities will act as a bridge between your product/services and the users. If the interested viewers of your content interact with you, share your content, then your brand image will be publicized and there will be much relevant traffic to your website.  Besides you can connect to what is happening in other industries and how people are responding to the same. 

Let’s find out what are the best possible techniques to perk up twitter engagements: 

Make It (the message) Short Sweet and Simple

It’s always advisable to keep the tweets short and sweet. This will only help your followers or viewers to retweet your content or incorporate the same in their own comments. Besides, constraining the tweets below 110 characters is a smart way to achieve 17% more engagement. 

Set Your ‘Tweet’ Timer

The hours of your twitter activity should be ideally during the day time. However, you must be aware of your target audience’s timings and their location and adjust accordingly.  Once you get both of these parameters in your grip then connecting to your preferred audience becomes much easier. 

Favorable Twitter Hours

Studies have reported that twitter engagement trend is on an upward move during weekends compared to weekdays. So it is commendable if you continue your twitter activities on weekends too. Tweets during day time busy hours, as well as weekend tweets get maximum exposure. 

Saying it with Images and Videos

Enticing images and videos are sure to allure your favored audience. Without compromising on the content and message you need to convey, thoughtful induction of images and videos in your tweets can fetch advanced engagement. 

Requesting Retweets

Requesting for retweets always helps. Depending on the quality of the data or content you would like to popularize, you can sometimes ask for retweets without any qualms. An honest appeal for retweet will always sit well with your viewers. Asking for retweets will always multiply your chances of retweet by 12 fold. It is advisable to spell out retweet entirely rather than abbreviating it to RT. The latter induces an irksome feeling. Retweet requests are to be moderately implemented without annoying your viewers. 

Many brands and small businesses work with at least one nonprofit organization or cause, imploring users to ‘spread the word’ about some social cause which can evoke mammoth engagement and ennoble your image in the process. But overdoing anything is not good.


Prudent usage of hashtags can amplify engagement rates by facilitating your visibility on twitter. Empowering all the tweets with hashtags should be your style statement. ‘Trending and industry-specific’ hashtags must be used. More than couple of hashtags per tweet may droop the level of engagement. 

Include Links

It has been recorded that tweets which harbor links have higher engagement manifestation. The more often we refine our tweets with proper links the chances of retweet becomes 86% more. Even if you are sharing some links that has nothing to do with your business, but otherwise valuable, you must share the same in your twitter page. 
This gesture of yours may be appreciated by your followers and they may be looking forward to some noble inputs from your end. 

This process will enhance only your brand image and your contents may be shared later. The crux of it remains that you must add value in the lives of your target customers. Apart from your links and posts being compelling and persuasive it must reflect values. More over the links should be abbreviated owing to shortage of space. 

Remain Impersonal

Tweets that refrain from publishing personal statements, views and feelings and have a professional touch instead is always reciprocating brand value. Followers may be repelled by your personal lifestyle comments which are common to celebrities. Thus an impartial tone reflecting the brand image is what sophisticated tweeting is all about.

Call to action words

Twitter can be effectively used for objectives like increasing downloads of an e book or mobile app, driving sales and lead generation.  Strong call-to-action words like please, retweet, follow, download, help, visit our site, shop our sale how to, are readily identified by the reader as an urgent call for action to participate and interact. 

Spacing out the Tweets

The myth about ‘more tweets and more engagements’ are not gaining grounds these days. Your tweets should be at definite intervals, preferably 3 to 4 times a day, aesthetically sound and charming enough to create a buzz and produce followers. The idea is to space out your tweets so that your audience do not get overwhelmed. You can expect maximum ROI when your tweets are subject specific, smart and maintain a time slot. 

You must get yourself to participate in other users’ tweets, respond to their content or follow them. In this way you too can expect them to attend your tweets and expand your mutual horizons which will ultimately benefit both the fronts businesswise. Moreover, you can also retweet others’ tweet so that the latter may reciprocate by retweeting your contents. 

Connecting with Twitter Giants 

A very interesting way to invite attention to your content is when you get to connect with major twitter giants of your industry. Your interactions and subsequent relationship with the former will generate more engagement. You may expect attention of a massive active users if you can get to retweet some of your posts by this major player of your industry.

Reciprocating to tweets and using Influencing words

Responding to when someone is tweeting is almost a sure way to enlist him/her as a permanent fan for all your posts in the near future. The correct usage of words and tilt of language is all about enticing your target audience and keeping the latter hooked to your site. 

Framing your tweet within a short space is an art you must master. Applying words like Improve, Immediately, Bonus, How to, exclusive will help you to emphasize you’re the theme of your tweets. It’s just that these words work. 

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads are also great ways to magnify engagements. Although twitter ads involve good amount of money yet it is a prolific way to boost twitter engagements. Upcoming conversational Ads are another means to mount twitter engagements. These paid ads are definitely one step closer to maximize organic posts that are related to your brand. 

Enlivening Interactive Twitter Sessions

Asking opinions of your customer, taking their valuable feedback and making them feel a part of your campaign makes a lot of difference to your image as a business house or a service provider. Your personal relationship with your audience will give you that extra edge and mileage over your competitors. 

Recycling Previous Content

There is no expiry date for few things in life. Likewise, a great content previously shared will always have the same impact if re posted. Besides, a great content might have got lost in the deluge of posts every day from various platforms. Your audience who all have missed out on your post in the first time should be having another opportunity to relish the same. 

All twitter honchos practice recycling of their important, informative and quality posts over the week to attract maximum visitors. However, it should be kept in mind few contents like breaking news, events, trending news are not recyclable posts.  

Final Words

To wrap up it may be inferred that twitter is all about real time. It is paramount in delivering real time, live information. Twitter indicates the pulse of the wider world and what is going on there every second. The strength of twitter is the data provided, and the vision it advocates which has the ability to change the world.

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