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Super 7 ways to fix shopping cart abandonment


So, you have spent countless sleepless nights to get the Call to Action button right, make changes in the body copy of the email template and other things; but the thing is the number of conversion is as low as ever. No sign of improvement, nothing. Ok, fine. Man you are not alone in this universe facing this seemingly weird problem. As far as the intelligence reports [just kidding] are [...]

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Local Business Marketing with Social Media


Those were the golden days when all you needed to stand out from the competition was a website. And if you did a bit of search engine optimization, then you could easily achieve page #1 ranks at Google. It was particularly easy for local businesses, simply because there was far less competition here. Good things don’t last forever, and it didn’t last here as well. Achieving a high search engine [...]

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How to use Negative Keywords to make your adwords campaigns more effective


I know you have worked your tails off on keywords analysis to make your PPC campaign a grand success. Sounds really impressive. So, I can assume that you have a long list of keywords that are supposed to trigger conversion. Ok, then let the campaign roll for a week and then please let me know how things are fairing. If I am not wholly incorrect, you will see strange things [...]

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What should be Your SEO Strategies for Maximum Benefits?


The advent of the internet has been one of the major landmarks in the field of information and technology in recent times. And right now, you just can’t think of a life without the internet.It is accessed by millions of people from around the world every day. That is why a lot of businesses are looking forward to using it to earn revenues. They are building websites and earning money [...]

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Struggling with Local PPC Accounts, here is how to do it like a Jagger


I know how you feel when you are asked to manage local PPC accounts. As expected, these local PPC accounts do not have that much of budget to let you go wild with marketing plan or their budget is too small to accommodate those horrifying mistakes that you are good at as always. Yeah, kind a frustrating, but this is what life is and we have to take it as [...]

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Silent Conversion Killers


As a webmaster, admin, or the Internet marketer who cares about the conversion rate of your website, and its ROI, you need to be concerned about the holes that are leaking money. Do you think you have a domain that is working very well for you? Perhaps it is! Well done! You have reached the first step in conversion optimization. However you should realize that there are bound to be [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions: Optimum Use of Keywords in Content Marketing


Content without keywords is like a train without passengers. If you are trying to board on a content marketing train you need to think about keywords and how they fit into your content marketing strategy. This requires a great deal of research work, patience and time. Webmasters and primarily content writers often come across situations where they need to weigh between keyword-optimised content and keyword-stuffed content. Which is the borderline [...]

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New Version of Google Analytics: What is There for You


Google has always been trying to make our life easier. Till date there is no exception to it. Whether it is instant and latest search results, custom look and feel of Gmail or social media engagement by G+ – you will never repent on Google’s service. It is all for user’s benefits, for you me and everyone on web. Next time when you log on to Google analytics of your [...]

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Facebook Fan Page – Taking Online Promotion One-Step Ahead


Facebook had to have the popularity it deserves.  There are no ifs and buts in this. For individuals it is personal Facebook profile, and for business undertakings, it is Facebook fan page, that created all these hype. Any business that aims to grow with increasing FB popularity will sure create an edge over others who still avoid its goodness. If you are not pessimistic about power of social media, FB [...]

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Social Genie – Redefining Your Social Media Marketing Effort


Significance of social media promotion is beyond any introduction or explanation. It has already earned the name and  fame it deserves. Today you won’t find any advertiser who does not know how to use Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for his business promotion.  It is too simple. You create a fan page; invite friends and followers to join your community; share reviews and make business out of prospects. Even the number [...]

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